Just the Time You Need. Finally.

Mobile time entry that is easy for your professionals and works with your existing accounting? Wouldn't that be great?

FastTime is the easiest way for your professionals to submit properly coded time, whether they be dashing off a coded entry (FastTime), maintaining the discipline of timers (Timer55) or looking at their days and months as a whole (MakeTime). They download the apps they want, and you get the time you need.

Free to Try Inexpensive to Keep

Try FastTime today in your firm environment. Contact us live right now to learn more about:

Free Installation: 20 minutes on a call with us and you are up and running!

Free 30 Day Trial: Give to as many professionals as you like. If it's a win, great. If not, we part friends.

$25/timekeeper/month: Metered based on actual usage in that particular month.

Maximum $999/month: Lots of professionals want in? That's ok, your bill will stay under control.